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The Most Valuable Players is shown after every game of every game mode. After finishing a match a screen pops up that introduces the top play of the game. This screen shows:

  • the name of the player who got the top play
  • with which champion the player got the top play
  • the level of the champion
  • the title of the player
  • if the player has an active Battle Pass

Top Play Introduction screen.png

Also the model of the played Champion will appear and do a little animation. After the introduction the clip of the game is shown. The game ends with the ending screen where the rewards and game details are listed.

Common terms  Bullet.png  Eliminations  Bullet.png  Controls  Bullet.png  Voice Guided System  Bullet.png  Warning Indicators  Bullet.png  Zoning

Abilities → Ability  Bullet.png  Movement Ability  Bullet.png  Ultimate Ability  Bullet.png  Talents  Bullet.png  Items → Credits
Damage Types → Area or Direct Damage  Bullet.png  Burst Damage  Bullet.png  Damage over Time  Bullet.png  Poke Damage  Bullet.png  Sustained Damage  Bullet.png  True Damage
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Game Modes
Capture Point  Bullet.png  Payload

Map Features  Bullet.png  Callouts

Game Mechanics
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End of the Game
Accolades  Bullet.png  Scoreboard  Bullet.png  Most Valuable Players