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Training vs AI

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GameMode Training.png

Training mode is one of the Game Modes in Paladins.

Description[edit | edit source]

Training allows players to practice in a safe environment with matches against AI controlled opponents. Players below account level 5 will be automatically queued for these practice matches when attempting to join a casual match.

Here players can find a Co-op vs AI version of the three standard game modes (Siege, Onslaught and Team Deathmatch).

Siege Training[edit | edit source]

GameMode Unbound Siege.png

Siege is a round based game mode where each team works to earn Objective Points to win the match. Players can change their Cards loadout at the start of the match. 4 Objective Point are needed to win a match. These points are earned by taking control of a Capture Point, escorting the Payload into the enemy team's base and Stalling the enemy team's Payload until the time runs out.

This version of Siege is Co-op vs AI.

Onslaught Training[edit | edit source]

GameMode Onslaught.png

Onslaught is a King of the Hill type game mode. To win, players must earn tickets by either killing players or controlling the large area in the middle of the arena. The first team to reach 400 tickets, or the team with the most tickets after 10 minutes, wins.

This version of Onslaught is Co-op vs AI.

Team Deathmatch Training[edit | edit source]

GameMode Deathmatch.png

Team Deathmatch is a classic deathmatch game mode. In Team Deathmatch, the first team to achieve 40 kills wins.

This version of Team Deathmatch is Co-op vs AI.

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