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I'm just another guy that likes to play video games, who spends his free time updating and maintaining several Wikis on Gamepedia.
If you need anything from me or if you need to ask me something please leave a comment below or leave me a message in my Talk Page and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can.

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Hi, do you know what happened to the patch notes 0.69 to 1.6? I edited the Drogoz changelog a few weeks ago for example and I remember the links to ob69 and 70 working, but now they're dead.

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Is anyone planning on making pages for them?

Two other small questions I have: I can't find the dragon arena files by searching for them in the file list, how can I find those? Should talent icons be added to the changelog like abilities are? Seems like a weird inconsistency to me. edit: Should bug fixes be added to changelogs? They're added when they're part of a big update, but not with smaller updates.

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