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Avatar for Gravity

Hi, I have a few questions. Are there any plans to add the missing patch notes? I tried to reference them a few times, but found out later they're not there.

I can't find the dragon arena files by searching for them in the file list, how can I find those?

Should talent icons be added to the changelog like abilities are? Seems like a weird inconsistency to me.

Should bug fixes be added to changelogs? They're added when they're part of a big update, but not with smaller updates.

Avatar for QMan

1. Yes, i'm working on it.

2. I don't know why you can find dragon arena files. I can find these files in wiki search:

3. Yes. I like this idea but Hi-Rez sometimes reworking champion talents and update champions talents icons. This may be a little problem because wiki don't contain older version of these files like individual files.

4. Yes

Avatar for Gravity

2. I used Searching for ''dragon'' there only shows snapdragon ying files. I'll use the regular search from now on, but shouldn't ''dragon'' be enough to find those files?

3. Isn't it possible to save those under another name then like with replaced abilities?

4. Including fixes from patches like these: ?

Avatar for QMan

2. You can search using "dragon" request but wiki have a few files starting with "dragon".

3. Yes it is possible, but i don't have these old files because Hi-Rez update their icons using the same file name and replace them with new one. Game files do not contains old talent icons.

4. Yes. I don't know why we don't add these bug fixes into changelogs but most Wikis do that.

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Hi QMan, I am the guy who upload the icons usually for big patches.

I would like to ask what to do with Pip's new skin? Cause (Nilo1011) treat it as a Pip skin but as you can see there is a champion portrait, emote and MVP icons for the champion/skin so I do not know how to categorise it like, should the collection be Pip or Pepper?

Check this:

If you say Pepper, I will rename the screenshots all as Pepper cause it's Pip right now.


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