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Hola? Tengo una duda antes del reinicio subi a diamante pero entre y no me dieron mi marco diamante .. se puede saber porque no lo tengo?

Welcome to my discussion page[edit source]

Leave your messages, questions, suggestions or concerns right here. Click the "+" on the right side of the top bar then write your message and publish it. And don't forget to sign your message by adding --~~~~ at the end!

I extracted Neon Demon Grohk[edit source]

I'm new to wiki editing and wanted to contribute to the wiki as I see Neon Demon Grohk's voicelines haven't been added. I've extracted them and I am in the process of renaming them. I'm not sure how to add a page or anything.

Should Voice Packs still be included with Champion Collections now that Parts and Pieces has been removed?[edit source]

I recently went through and updated all of Androxus' Collections to test what I could do on the Wiki, and while merging the Head and the Body skins to compensate for the removal of Parts and Pieces, it came to my attention that Voice Packs are not really considered an "item" anymore. Should they be removed from the bundles that have them, or should they stick around?


Would it be alright if I updated the Patch Notes section a bit?[edit source]

Looks like most major patches since OB64 haven't been properly documented, and multiple hotfixes are simply listed as "Changes Unknown" and sometimes don't even line up with the presented patch cycle. For example, the wiki says OB67's first hotfix was 0.67.2519.2 (which simply says Changes Unknown), while Hi-Rez clearly states that Hotfix #1 is OB67.5 (or 0.67.2523.1). This information can also be displayed on, which does not note any hotfixes between OB67 and OB67.5.

I'm asking for permission to rework that area of the wiki a little and bring it more inline with what the accurate timeline is. Would that be alright?

--Champion Willo Icon.png~ WildCharger ~ 03:10, 1 July 2018 (UTC)