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Valera is a near-immortal elf warrior, she was the leader of the original Paladin, and now leads the Resistance. Valera alongside Karne and the former Paladins ushered in a new golden age. She would rise again years later opposed against the Magistrate's banning of Crystal-Powered Technology, forming the Resistance.

Background[edit | edit source]

Once peace had been brought to the realm, there was no need for warriors, so the Paladins disbanded. The Magistrate was created to rule the people instead, with Valera's partner Karne as their leader. Under their rule, a Golden Age lasted for centuries.

However, a new discovery was made, crafted crystals with great potential for magic and technological advances. Accidents and misuses during the revolution made the Magistrate decide action needed to be taken. Karne decided to outlaw crystals.

They began raids and incursions across the land seizing any crystals they could find. A battle took place against the newly formed Resistance, which eventually resulted in the destruction of a powerful Stagalla. Though beaten, the Resistance did not dissipate and now a civil war has erupted.

Valera decided to take up the old flag of the former Paladins in their fight against the Magistrate.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Valera has appeared a total of 5 times. This includes her appearances in the A Realm Divided lore video, Atlas' reveal trailer (as a picture), in the Magistrate's Archives map (as a statue), in Corvus' card Priority Targets (as a picture), and finally in the Fight of Shattered Desert story.
  • Valera is mentioned once by two characters in-game, these being Vora (▶️) and Overlord Khan (▶️).
  • Unlike Karne, Valera has directly spoken in official media, albeit lacking any voice acting due to the Fight of Shattered Desert story being written.
  • According to Atlas, Valera survived much longer than most against the Darkness, to the point there was no longer any Resistance or Magistrate.
  • While previously hinted at, it was confirmed here that Valera is a warrior.
    • Despite being a warrior, Valera is capable of using magic, as revealed here.
  • Valera is revealed to have defeated dragons in the past, as stated in one of the teasers for Yagorath.
  • As stated here, Valera didn't join the Magistrate as her job as a warrior was over.
  • As revealed here, Valera fights for the freedom of the Realm, which is why she clashes with Karne, who fights for the peace of the Realm.
  • While Karne and Valera are currently planned to never become playable characters, Paladins artist Thunderbrush once attempted to pitch concepts of the two as playable characters, as revealed here.
    • One of the reasons the two haven't been made playable is due to their status as major background characters leading the two largest groups in the lore, as revealed here.
    • Another reason is due to them being the two most powerful characters in the Realm, as was said here (▶️) in the Evil Mojo Meet & Greet.


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