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Currency Viewer Points.png Viewer Points (previously Mixer Points) are a currency in Paladins. Viewer Points can be used to purchase Cosmetic Items in the Viewer Store.

Information[edit | edit source]


How to get Viewer Points:

On Mixer[edit | edit source]

  • Create or Log in with your Mixer Account at
  • Link your Mixer account at and instantly unlock a free Mixer Spray.
  • Watch throughout the week to accumulate Mixer Points (5 Currency Viewer Points.png Viewer Points per hour).
  • Use your Viewer Points to score skins and other cosmetics from the in-game Mixer Store.
  • Viewer Points can be earned on all platforms.

There’s a special in-game quest to get the Limited Mixer Khan skin. Amass 600 Currency Viewer Points.png Points to automatically unlock this behemoth.

Khan Mixer Promo.png

Videos[edit | edit source]

Account Linking[edit | edit source]

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