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Voice Guided System
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The old Voice Guided System ("VGS") was replaced by the new Voice Guided System with the Paladins 3.1 Update.

After there was a big outcry in the player community, this VGS version can be turned on again for PC players in the Gameplay settings. However, some commands are missing, these are marked with a line through; Example.

The VGS is accessed by pressing V by default, is a library of preset voice commands that allow players to communicate with their team without having to type in the chat. Using one of the commands will also automatically send a message with the quote to the team chat.

There are also cosmetic voice pack for each champion that replace the default voicelines used by the VGS to new ones when playing with that champion, voiced by that character/skin's actor.

List of all Voice Commands[edit | edit source]

VGS Legacy Implementation.png
VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
H Help
R Retreat
S Self
V Other

VA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "Flank Left!"
2 "Attack up the Middle!"
3 "Flank Right!"
A "Attack!"
E "Push the payload!"
G "Attack the Objective!"

VB - Enemy[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies on the left flank!"
2 "Enemies up the middle!"
3 "Enemies on the right flank!"
B "Enemies have returned to base"
E "Enemies behind us"
G "Enemies on the point!"
I "Enemies Incoming!"
S "Enemy spotted!"

VC - Careful[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "Be careful left Flank!"
2 "Be careful middle!"
3 "Be careful right Flank!"
B "Return to base!"
C "Be careful!"

VD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "Defend Left Flank!"
2 "Defend the Middle!"
3 "Defend Right Flank!"
D "Defend!"
E "Defend the payload!"
G "Defend the Objective!"

VE - Emote[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A "Awesome!"
G "I'm the greatest!"
J <plays champion's joke>
L <plays champion's laugh>
R "You rock!"
T <plays champion's taunt>
W "Woohoo!"

VH - Help[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "Help left flank!"
2 "Help the middle!"
3 "Help right flank!"
H "Help!"
S "Need Healing!"

VR - Retreat[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
R "Retreat!"
S "Save yourself!"

VS - Self[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
D Defend
O "I'm on it!"
R "Falling back!"

VSA - Attack[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll attack left flank!"
2 "I'll attack up the middle!"
3 "I'll attack right flank!"
A "I'll attack!"
B "I'll attack the Base!"
G "I'll capture the Objective!"

VSD - Defend[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll defend left flank!"
2 "I'll defend the middle!"
3 "I'll defend right flank!"
B "I'll defend the Base!"
D "I'll defend!"
G "I'll defend the Objective!"

VV - Other[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A "Ok!"
B "Be right back!"
C "Completed!"
K "Stepping away for a moment"
N "No!"
P "Please?"
S "Sorry!"
T "Thanks!"
W "Wait!"
X "Cancel that!"
Y "Yes!"

VVG - General[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
B "Bye"
F "Have Fun!"
G "Good game!"
H "Hi"
L "Good luck"
N "Nice job!"
O "Oops!"
Q "Quiet"
R "No problem"
S "Curses!"
T "That's too bad!"
W "You're welcome"

VVV - Position[edit | edit source]

VGS Outcome
A "Set up an ambush here!"
B "Behind us"
C "Chase the enemy!"
D "Ultimate is down!"
E "On my way"
F "Follow me"
G "Group up"
R "Ultimate is ready!"
S "Stay here"
T "It's a trap!"
X "Spread out!"

Videos[edit | edit source]

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