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The Dragon's Call[edit | edit source]


All the Realm could see, the beacon was lit. I had been decades - no centuries, since the dragon mages were last called home. Centuries since these Warders were last summoned to fight the Darkness. But with no Warders left to answer the call, the dragon mages power remains trapped, first, awaiting its master's return. Yet the beacon is lit. Karne's and Valera's forces are drawn to agent power like moths to the flame, headless of the danger that portends. For a few can resist the Dragon's Call.

Warders were mobilized via a lit beacon known as the Dragon's Call. Valera and Karne learn of the location of one of the Warder's vaults. Its beacon had been ignited by Jenos, and its crystal power ripe for the taking.

The Resistance and the Magistrate were not privy to the artifacts stored in the vaults but rather thought the light from the beacon itself was a potent source of energy. Once arriving at the location, both sides frantically tried to unlock the vaults.

Both sides attempt to pass a powerful keystone known as the Warder's Key into one of the vaults, unlocking it in the process.

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The Dark Tides[edit | edit source]


The Paladins rejoiced. The Warder's Relics were secured and with that victory.

Until he attacked. The most feared pirate of the eight oceans. Drawn to the ancient power the Paladins carry. On the open water none could challenge Admiral Dredge. The Paladins were routed, the weapons seized for Dredge's treasure board.

A dragon chooses its master and Dredge was found lacking. He sank into the depths until he was leagues from the land of the living, but the pirate was far from death. The Abyss bore Dredge back into the Realm on top of its bearing tentacles.

The undead admiral sails the seas again and none would take his treasure.

Concluding the conflict at the Warder's Arena, the Resistance emerge the victors. They secured a Warder's Relic that resembles a power gauntlet and prepared to sail back home, eager to tell Valera of their success. Furia and Moji, previously unaligned with the Resistance, also sail home on the same boat.

But suddenly, out on the open seas, the Resistance corsair was quickly intercepted by Admiral Judd Roberts (Dredge) of the Eight Oceans. A power-hungry pirate, he attacks the Resistance's transport and plunders the relic for himself.

The Dragon Fights Back[edit | edit source]

The seizure sparks an eruption back at the Warder's Arena. Unknown to everyone, the gauntlet had an agenda of its own and was displeased with its new owner. Believing only the worthy could carry it, the gauntlet enraged the elder dragon as it bursted out from its prison and soared to reclaim the Warder artifact.

Judd Roberts (Dredge) could not stand against the dragon's wrath. His ship was destroyed, and the ruthless pirate admiral was defeated.

But Judd Roberts (Dredge) was not lost. The Abyss bore Judd Roberts as Dredge in its sanctuary, corrupting but also resurrecting him under the cause.

Throughout the continuing conflicts back at the mainland, occasional Abyssal echoes will appear at the command of Dredge.

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Warders Return[edit | edit source]


Dredge: "A Warder, but how?"


Imani: "We are back."

*Imani summons her dragon.*

Sometime after the events of Dredge's plundering and resurrection, Dredge recaptures his prized artifact and brings it back to Marauder's Port, his base of operations.

Looking to reclaim what's hers, Imani reveals herself to Dredge by attacking the port. Imani reclaims her gauntlets, equips them, and then summons the Elder Dragon.

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