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Zoning is a concept where the team is moving toward the enemy base to make it harder for them to reach the Capture Point. The enemy team have to deal with the damage, will get dismounted and will take much longer to reach the objective since the mount moves faster than all champions. Zoning well will allow a team to capture more objective time before the enemy team gets back. Paladins revolves around standing on the objective to win, so preventing the enemy team from doing this will give a team a significant advantage in the match.

Zoning can also be used to make a certain area on the map more difficult for the enemy team to access for an extended period of time. Zoning abilities are usually wielded by damage champions, but some champions outside the class have zoning abilities. Some examples of these skills are Tyra’s Fire Bomb, Bomb King's Grumpy Bomb, and Willo’s Dead Zone.

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