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The Battle Pass is a rewards system in Paladins. It was introduced in Paladins OB70 and replaces the VIP Program. The system allows players to earn Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP by playing matches. The Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP is needed to level up the Battle Pass Level. By leveling, the player will unlock rewards.

Battle Pass Membership

Players could purchase a paid track for each Battle Pass. With purchased Battle Pass, the player gets more frequent and better rewards like Epic or Legendary skins, announcer packs, mounts, and much more. Battle Pass members unlock a reward every level, and also unlock the rewards from the free track. Furthermore, the player will receive special bonuses like chat icons, special name treatments, and the Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP is boosted.

Battle Passport

The Battle Passport is a quick purchase that unlocks the Battle Pass itself and 30 Battle Pass Levels. It costs 1500 Crystals, saving the player over 1000 Crystals versus buying the levels themselves.

Free Rewards

Players who do not purchase the Battle Pass are still able to collect free rewards such as Gold and Diamond chests while leveling up. If the player decide to purchase the Battle Pass later, it will retroactively unlock all the rewards up to the players current Battle Pass Level.

Paladins Premier League

As part of the Battle Pass, every Paladins player get to pick the winners of Paladins Premier League matches in a fantasy league system. Choosing correctly awards the player with Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP.

SharedAssets I3A.png Battle Pass XP[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to gain Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP:

  • Playing any matches rewards Battle Pass XP.
  • Voting on the Premier League. Successfully choosing the winner of a match rewards Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP.
  • Completing Daily Quests. Each quest awards 80,000 or 120,000 Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP with active Battle Pass Membership - without 40,000 or 70,000 Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP.
  • Completing Battle Pass challenges.

The Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP is boosted with active Battle Pass by up to +100%.

BattlePass I5F.png Challenges[edit | edit source]

The player can take on challenges in every Battle Pass. These challenges are divided into individual tiers. Completing a tier group rewards the player with Battle Pass XP Battle Pass XP or a title. The challenges build on each other and are unlocked as the Battle Pass level increases.

After completing all previous Challenges tiers, a secret tier is usually unlocked.

Exclusive Items[edit | edit source]

Most Battle Passes contains five exclusive items which can only be obtained through the Battle Pass.

Legendary Champion Chest.png Battle Chest
BattlePass Challenge Notification.png Challenges Unlocks
BattlePass Booster Icon.png Team Booster
Boosters Team Skin.png Team Skin Booster
Battle Pass 5% Booster.png 5% Personal Booster

Battle Passes divided according to years[edit | edit source]

Battle Pass (2019)[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all Battle Passes published in the year 2019:

Battle Pass 6 promo.png Steel Forged
Battle Pass 5 promo.png Battle Byte
Battle Pass 4 promo.png Battle Suit

Battle Pass (2018)[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all Battle Passes, which were also included in the Season Pass 2018, published in the year 2018:

Battle Pass 3 promo.png Remix
Battle Pass 2 promo.jpg Ninja
Battle Pass 1 logo.jpeg Gearhead

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