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The Cards system in Paladins is one of the main features that sets the game apart from others in the genre. Cards offer players the ability to empower a Champions's attributes and enhance or modify their skills, tailoring them to a particular playstyle. Cards are equipped by champions 5 at a time in sets called loadouts.

All players start with 5 unlocked cards for each champion. These 5 cards are contained in a loadout called "Basic X" (X being the champion's name) that cannot be modified or deleted. Additional cards can be obtained via crafting with Currency Essence.png Essence or unlocking through Radiant Chests.

Cards are organized by Rarity (Common, Rare and Epic), categorized by effected aspect (First skill, Second skill, Third skill and Armor/Weapon), and leveled by Rank (I, II, III, IV). A card's Rarity determines the amount of essence required to craft and obtained when disenchanted. A card's category clarifies which aspect of the champion is affected (e.g. Viktor's XL Mag card in the Armor/Weapon category increases his weapon's ammo count). A card's Rank signifies the strength of the effect and the amount of loadout points that must be invested to use it (see Loadouts and Deck Building).

Champions also have a special class of cards called Legendary Cards. All players start with one unlocked Legendary card for each champion. Instead of being drafted into loadouts, these cards are separately selected at the start of the match before the loadout selection. Legendary cards provide stronger effects than normal cards, occasionally causing radical changes to the way a champion's skills work at the cost of some counterbalancing penalty (e.g. Ying's Lifelike card causes her illusions to heal two targets at the same time, but restore less health).

Card Layout

Rarity: The color of this gem indicates the card's rarity.
Champion: This is the portrait of champion the card belongs to.
Name: This is the card's name. If it's a champion card it will mention what tier it is.
Skill/Card Type: This spot will either mention what skill the card affects. Cards that affect weapon shots are labeled "Weapon" while any other defensive card is labeled as "Armor".
Description: This area explains what the card does.
Rank: This number represents the card's rank and also how many points this card needs when used in a loadout.
Cooldown: This is the amount of seconds a player has to wait before they can make use of this card's effect again. A "-" means that the card has no cooldown time.

Loadouts and Deck Building

Cards are equipped by champions in sets called loadouts. A loadout is equipped at the start of a match and cannot be switched mid-game. However, if the round has not started, players can repick their loadouts by pressing the loadout key ("U" by default) while in the spawn room.

Players can create their own customized loadouts in addition to using the Default Loadout. For a loadout, the player must decide how to invest 12 loadout points into 5 unique cards. Investing 1 loadout point into a card will increase its Rank by 1, increasing the card's power but reducing the number of loadout points left to invest. Loadouts cannot exceed the points limit. Loadouts with fewer than 12 loadout points and/or 5 cards cannot be saved nor used in a match.

Players have can have a maximum of 5 custom loadouts per Champion.

Crafting and Disenchanting

Players can craft unowned cards with Essence. Cards are crafted by clicking on them while on either the Cards or the Loadouts screen, which can be found in the champion's profile. Each card rarity has a different cost:

  • Common cards cost 350 Currency Essence.png to craft
  • Rare cards cost 1000 Currency Essence.png to craft
  • Epic cards cost 4000 Currency Essence.png to craft
  • Legendary cards cost 10000 Currency Essence.png to craft

Owned cards may be disenchanted for Essence. This is done by clicking on the unwanted card on the Cards screen. Legendary and gold cards can't be disenchanted. Each card rarity refunds a different amount of Essence:

  • Common cards refund 250 Currency Essence.png
  • Rare cards refund 350 Currency Essence.png
  • Epic cards refund 1250 Currency Essence.png

Note that doing this removes the card from the collection and any decks that were making use of that card will be disabled.

Cards can also be unlocked by via the Radiant Chest. Any duplicated cards obtained through chests will grant Essence instead.

Gold Cards

Gold cards are special, cosmetic variants of regular cards that can be obtained from Radiant Chests. These golden cards will replace existing cards in the player's collection with an updated gold frame.

Once a Gold card is acquired, the player will also receive a spray of that card's artwork. Gold card sprays are usable only by the champion the card belongs to.

List of Cards

Below are several lists with all cards currently available in the game. Hovering the mouse cursor over their name will display a preview of that card.

Card Collections

All champions in Paladins have their own card collections that cannot be used by any other champion.

CardSkin Champion Androxus.png Androxus

CardSkin Champion Ash.png Ash

CardSkin Champion Barik.png Barik

CardSkin Champion Bomb King.png Bomb King

CardSkin Champion Buck.png Buck

CardSkin Champion Cassie.png Cassie

CardSkin Champion Drogoz.png Drogoz

CardSkin Champion Evie.png Evie

CardSkin Champion Fernando.png Fernando

CardSkin Champion Grohk.png Grohk

CardSkin Champion Grover.png Grover

CardSkin Champion Inara.png Inara

CardSkin Champion Jenos.png Jenos

CardSkin Champion Kinessa.png Kinessa

CardSkin Champion Lex.png Lex

CardSkin Champion Lian.png Lian

CardSkin Champion Maeve.png Maeve

CardSkin Champion Makoa.png Makoa

CardSkin Champion Mal'Damba.png Mal'Damba

CardSkin Champion Pip.png Pip

CardSkin Champion Ruckus.png Ruckus

CardSkin Champion Seris.png Seris

CardSkin Champion Sha Lin.png Sha Lin

CardSkin Champion Skye.png Skye

CardSkin Champion Strix.png Strix

CardSkin Champion Talus.png Talus

CardSkin Champion Terminus.png Terminus

CardSkin Champion Tyra.png Tyra

CardSkin Champion Torvald.png Torvald

CardSkin Champion Willo.png Willo

CardSkin Champion Viktor.png Viktor

CardSkin Champion Ying.png Ying

CardSkin Champion Zhin.png Zhin

Card Rarity

There are 4 different rarities:

CardSkin Gem Green.png Common Cards

CardSkin Gem Blue.png Rare Cards

CardSkin Gem Purple.png Epic Cards

CardSkin Gem Orange.png Legendary Cards


Card System (Tutorial)

Collecting Cards (Tutorial)