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Players can enter System Commands into the chat console to execute certain actions. The chat console can be brought up in-game by pressing Enter (or players can simply start typing with the slash character) or, while on the main lobby, on the Chat's System tab.

The commands for normal play are:

Command Description
/help Brief list of common system commands.
/w playername message Send a whisper to a player.
/r message Respond to a player's whisper. Playername will default to the previous whisperer.
/block playername Blocks a player from whispering you.
/unblock playername Unblocks a player from whispering you.
/ignore playername Ignores the messages and requests from a player.
/unignore playername Unignores the messages and requests from a player.
/dnd Toggle Do-Not-Disturb mode. While in DnD mode, you cannot receive whispers or party invites.
/lfg Join the "Looking-for-Group" channel.
/claimpromotion promotioncode Allows the user to claim promotional codes from anywhere in the game, even during a match.
/shot Take a screenshot. The screenshots will be stored in your Windows "Documents" folder under "My Games\paladinslive\ChaosGame\Screenshots\Win32Console". (Win64Console if you are using 64bit)
/stat fps Toggle the Frames-Per-Second indicator. You can also press F9 to toggle this.
/stat unit Toggle an advanced frame time indicator.
/spectate playername Begin spectating in the Spectator Mode. If a game is not currently being played, you will be queued to spectate that player's next game. (by pressing ESC you'll go back to main screen)
/replay matchID Begins replay of selected match in the Spectator Mode, if available.
/quit Closes Paladins.
/exit Similarly to /quit, closes Paladins.

Advanced Commands[edit | edit source]

The following commands are oriented for developer use and testing, but are still available in the public client.

Command Description
/combatlog toggle piped Begin recording an advanced/detailed combat log. The log will be stored in your Windows "Documents" folder under "My Games\paladinslive\ChaosGame\Logs".
/gamma value Changes the gamma correction. Value is between 0 and 5. This can also be changed in the Video tab of the settings menu.
/showlog Opens a console window that records log messages from the game.
/showmiplevels Toggle displaying the mip-map levels as different shaded colors.
/suicide Kills your character. This is only available in Training modes.
/reconnect Rejoin your game in progress.
/show displays various processes status on log.
/setsensitivity value modifies the sensitivity, in decimal number variables
/hidehud Hides all UI elements.
/showhud Shows all UI elements.
/togglehud Toggles display of all UI elements.

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