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Treasure Chests in Paladins are a way to try your luck to get random rewards, or rare, epic and even legendary Cosmetic Items. The treasure chest menu can be accessed from the in-game store.

To open a chest, simply select the chest you want, and then click the "Open Chest" or "Purchase" button. Most chests can only be opened with Currency Crystals.png Crystals, but some of them can be unlocked with Currency Gold.png Gold. Chest rolls can also be earned as rewards for certain quests.

Some chests, such as the Gold Chest and Diamond Chest, allow the opportunity to unlock directly purchasable content at a fraction of its original price.

Players can purchase gifts for other players that grant a random cosmetic in a similar fashion to treasure chests. For more detailed information about this, please visit its main article: Gifting

List of Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Available Chests are listed in the order they appear ingame, and Unavailable and Retired Chests are listed in alphabetical order.

Available[edit | edit source]

Festive Chest.png
Festive Chest
Valentine Chest.png
Valentine Chest
Overgrown Weapons Chest.png
Overgrown Weapons Chest
REKT Weapons Chest.png
REKT Weapons Chest
Summer Chest.png
Summer Chest
Clockwork Chest.png
Clockwork Chest
Deep Space Chest.png
Deep Space Chest
Booty Box Chest.png
Booty Box
Little Box of Horrors Chest.png
Little Box of Horrors
Feudal Chest.png
Feudal Chest
World Wide Chest.png
World Wide Chest
Diamond Chest.png
Diamond Chest
Galaxy Chest.png
Galaxy Chest
Colossal Chest.png
Gold Chest
Lunar Chest.png
Lunar Chest
Legendary Champion Chest.png
Battle Chest
Helios Force Chest.png
Cyber Chest
Battle Pass 1 Chest.png
Battle Pass 1 Chest
Ascension Peak Chest.png
Ascension Peak Chest
Dragon's Call Chest.png
Dragon's Call Chest
Rise of Furia Chest.png
Rise of Furia Chest
Flair Chest.png
Flair Chest
Senpai Chest.png
Senpai Chest
Emporium Chest.png
Emporium Chest
Necromancer's Chest.png
Necromancer's Chest
Ice Cold Chest.png
Ice Cold Chest
Draconic Chest.png
Draconic Chest
Robotic Chest.png
Robotic Chest
Electronica Chest.png
Electronica Chest
Kawaii Chest.png
Kawaii Collection Chest
Cuten Cuddly Chest.png
Cute n' Cuddly Chest
Mythological Treasures Chest.png
Mythological Treasures Chest
Outlaw's Spoils Chest.png
Outlaw's Spoils Chest
Battle Pass 2018 Chest.png
Battle Pass 2018 Chest
Steel and Fire Chest.png
Steel and Fire Chest
Gothic Horrors Chest.png
Gothic Horrors Chest
Pirate's Treasure Chest.png
Pirate's Treasure Chest
For the Magistrate! Chest.png
For the Magistrate! Chest
Past Events Chest.png
Past Events Chest

Retired[edit | edit source]

Radiant Chest.png
Radiant Chest
Colossal Chest.png
Colossal Chest
Champion Skin Chest.png
Champion Skin Chest
Weapon Chest.png
Weapon Chest
Festive Chest 2017.png
Festive Chest (2017)
Helios Force Chest.png
Helios Force Chest
Genie Chest.png
Genie Chest
Code Green Chest.png
Code Green Chest
Samba Chest.png
Samba Chest
Radiant Chest.png
Esports Chest
Voice Packs Chest.png
Voice Packs Chest

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