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Zhin Thumbnail.png
Title: The Tyrant
Class: Class Flank Icon.png Flank
Side: Bounty Hunters
Group: Thousand Hand Guild
Release Date: June 14, 2017
Cost: 60000 Currency Gold.png or 300 Currency Crystals.png
Voice lines: Zhin voice lines
Voice Actor: Feodor Chin
Health: 2000
Movement Speed: 390

Zhin is one of the Champions in Paladins.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Robbed of his noble lineage, Zhin ruthlessly carved out his own throne atop of the criminal underworld. By the time he was a man, he'd won the loyalty of enough thieves, assassins, and corrupt bureaucrats to build his own shadowy empire: the Thousand Hands guild. Anyone scheming against him had a way of vanishing in the middle of the night, while those who confronted him directly met their doom at the end of his wicked flaming sword.

He refuses to pick a side in the war, as there's more profit to be made playing them against each other.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Zhin is a flank champion that excels at dueling opponents up close. He attacks with his Inferno Blade, doing a series of swings that fling burning oil forward. His Counter and Billow skills are built to outplay opponents and punish their poor choices. Whirl's short cooldown allows it to be used in a defensive and offensive manner. Zhin's ultimate skill, Spite, renders both the target and himself completely vulnerable for a duration, making it a great tool for taking out important targets. However, Zhin suffers of limited mobility and has a lackluster performance when fighting from a distance compared to most other flankers.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Inferno Blade

Direct Damage

Within 2 seconds, Hurl burning oil with two quick swings that deal 400 damage and a heavy swing that deals 700 damage.

Ability Placeholder LMB.png


  • Has an ammo count of 9.
  • Has a reload time of 1.5s.
  • The first two swings have a projectile speed of 300.
  • Each swing consumes ammo.
  • The third hit has a slightly smaller hitbox.
  • Each swing decelerates by a small amount over the distance it travels.


Direct Damage

Enter a counter stance for 1.5s. If you take an enemy hit to the front of your character you negate any effects of the hit and counter attack with dealing 600 damage.

Ability Placeholder RMB.png
Cooldown Icon White.png 7


  • Cannot attack or use any other skill for the duration and for 0.4s after a counter attack is triggered.
  • Zhin's front is invulnerable for 0.4s after countering an attack.
  • Cannot be cancelled.



Disperse into smoke, become un-targetable and gain +30% movement speed for 1.5s.

Ability Placeholder Q.png
Cooldown Icon White.png 15


  • Cannot be cancelled.


Area Damage

Lunge forward while swinging your blade in a deadly arc dealing 400 damage to nearby enemies.

Ability Placeholder F.png
Cooldown Icon White.png 7


  • Unlike other movement abilities, momentum gained from Whirl persists after it ends until Zhin touches the ground.

Spite (Ultimate)

Direct Damage

Launch forward and incapacitate an enemy with a series of vicious melee attacks dealing 2000 damage over 1.5s.

Ability Placeholder E.png


  • At the end of the duration, if they are still alive, both Zhin and the target will be pushed away from each other.
  • Both Zhin and the target are vulnerable for the duration.
  • Failing to hit a target will refund 30% ultimate charge.
  • Deals 400 damage per attack with 5 attacks total.

Talents[edit | edit source]

Talent Zhin Guillotine.png

Default Talent

Spite now deals 25% of the targets maximum Health with every hit, grants Zhin damage immunity, and charges 15% faster.

Talent Zhin Yomi.png

Unlocks at Mastery Level 2

Your heavy hit passes through enemies, deals 150 more damage, and has no range limit.


  • Heavy hit with Yomi travels faster and likely does not decelerate.
Talent Zhin Smolder.png

Unlocks at Mastery Level 8

Heal for 33% of your maximum Health per second during Billow.

Cards[edit | edit source]

This is a list with all cards available to Zhin:

Name Image Description Cooldown
Blade Dance Card Blade Dance.png Increase the Distance of Whirl by {10|10}%.
Dragon Oil Card Dragon Oil.png Increase your ammo count by {1|1}.
Embers Card Embers.png Activating Billow generates {1|1} ammo.
Fan the Flames Card Fan the Flames.png Kills reduce the cooldown of Billow by {20|20}%.
Footwork Card Footwork.png Activating Counter increases your Movement Speed by {10|10}% for 3s.
Fuel for the Fire Card Fuel for the Fire.png Whirl grants {5|5}% Lifesteal for 2s.
Heartless Card Heartless.png Kills grant {10|10}% Movement Speed for 4s.
Hideout Card Hideout.png Billow reduces the cooldown of Whirl by {1|1}s.
Infamy Card Infamy.png Increase you maximum health by {50|50}.
Kindling Card Kindling.png Activating Whirl generates {1|1} ammo.
Malice Card Malice.png Gain {5|5}% Reload Speed.
Master Stance Card Master Stance.png Successfully hits with Counter reduces the cooldown of Whirl by {1|1}s.
Perfect Block Card Perfect Block.png Successfully Countering an attack will Heal you for {100|100} health.
Up in Smoke Card Up in Smoke.png Increase the Speed of Billow by {10|10}%.
Viciousness Card Viciousness.png Successfully Countering an attack will generate {2|2} ammo.
Wild Fire Card Wild Fire.png Reduce the cooldown of Whirl by {0.5|0.5}s for every enemy hit.

Pre-Built Loadout[edit | edit source]

All of the following cards are in Zhin's pre-built loadout (every card in this deck is set to Level 3):

Hard to Kill

Card Blade Dance.png

Blade Dance
CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Increase the Distance of Whirl by 30%.

Card Fuel for the Fire.png

Fuel for the Fire
CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Whirl grants 15% Lifesteal for 2s.

Card Hideout.png

CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Billow reduces the cooldown of Whirl by 3s.

Card Fan the Flames.png

Fan the Flames
CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Kills reduce the cooldown of Billow by 60%.

Card Malice.png

CardSkin Frame OB67 Silver Rare.png

Gain 15% Reload Speed.

Cosmetic Items[edit | edit source]

These are the Cosmetic Items currently available for Zhin:

Champion Skins[edit | edit source]


Zhin Collection Default Zhin Icon.png
Zhin Thumbnail.png



Zhin Collection Nomad Icon.png
Zhin Nomad.png

40000 Currency Gold.png / 200 Currency Crystals.png
(Nomad Zhin Collection)

Ebon Star

(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Collection Ebon Star Icon.png
Zhin Ebon Star.png

Demon Slayer

(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Collection Demon Slayer Icon.png
Zhin Demon Slayer.png


(Epic, Limited)

Zhin Collection Conqueror Icon.png
Zhin Conqueror.png


(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Collection Omega Icon.png
Zhin Omega.png

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Default Inferno Blade

Zhin Weapon Default Inferno Blade Icon.png

Nomad Inferno Blade


Zhin Weapon Nomad Inferno Blade Icon.png

40000 Currency Gold.png / 200 Currency Crystals.png
(Nomad Zhin Collection)


(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Weapon Deathbringer Icon.png

Necromancer's Chest.png

Ebon Star Phazeblade

(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Weapon Ebon Star Phazeblade Icon.png

Demon Slayer's Vengeance

(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Weapon Demon Slayer's Vengeance Icon.png

Conqueror's War Song

(Epic, Limited)

Zhin Weapon Conqueror's War Song Icon.png

Omega Ripper

(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin Weapon Omega Ripper Icon.png

Golden Inferno Blade

(Legendary, Mastery)

Zhin Weapon Golden Inferno Blade Icon.png

Rewarded at Champion Mastery Level 50

Voice Packs[edit | edit source]

If you own the default Voice Pack, you can access any Voice Packs for skins you currently own or purchase in the future.



Zhin Voice Default.png

200 Currency Crystals.png



Zhin Voice Conqueror.png

Demon Slayer


Zhin Voice Demon Slayer.png

Ebon Star


Zhin Voice Ebon Star.png



Zhin Voice Omega.png

Emotes[edit | edit source]

MVP Poses[edit | edit source]


Zhin MVP Icon.png
Zhin Thumbnail.png

Crouching Tiger

(Rare, Exclusive)

Zhin MVP Icon.png
Zhin MVP Crouching Tiger.png

Colossal Chest.png Flair Chest.png


(Rare, Exclusive)

Zhin MVP Icon.png
Zhin MVP Kamae.png

End Times Event: Collect 140 Chrono-Shards


(Epic, Exclusive)

Zhin MVP Icon.png
Zhin MVP Stance.png

Ascension Peak Chest.png

Videos[edit | edit source]

Champion Teaser[edit | edit source]

Ability Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Removed talents[edit | edit source]

Talent Zhin Retaliation.png Retaliation

After Countering an attack you remain in your Counter stance and Counter Attack deals 10% more damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zhin's Kindle emote could be a reference to the bonfires from the Dark Souls series.
  • Zhin's Ebon Star skins are a reference to the Star Wars film series.
  • Zhin's Ebon Star voice pack also received a major change to make it sound like he had his helmet on.
  • When Zhin is on killstreak, sometimes he says "Let the Bodies hit the floor!". This is a reference to the song "Bodies" by Drowing Pool, that begins with this phrase.
  • In the lore cinematic of Koga, Zhin mentored Koga before someone framed Koga and Zhin exiled him from the Thousand Hands.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Paladins Release Version 2.5.3159.4 (April 24, 2019)
  • Abilities
  • Ability Billow.png Billow
  • Duration 2.5s → 1.5s
  • Movement speed bonus increased 20% → 30%
  • Inhand Lockout time after ability end reduced
  • Talents
  • Smolder
  • Healing per second 20% → 33%
  • Cards
  • Hideout
  • Now on activation reduces the cooldown of whirl by 1/2/3/4/5s

Paladins Release Version 2.1.3013.12 (January 16, 2019)

  • Abilities
  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Counter no longer deals melee strike upon receiving a hit while active
  • Counter now fires a Inferno Blade projectile at the player’s crosshair location upon receiving a hit
  • Counter damage increased 560 → 600
  • Ability Spite.png Spite
  • Spite range slightly increased
  • Talents
  • Retaliation removed
  • Smolder now unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 8
  • Cards
  • Successful hits with Master Stance counter reduces the cooldown of Whirl by {1|1}s
  • Viciousness ammo gain increased{1|1} → {2|2}
  • Perfect Block heal increased {50|50} -> {100|100} health

Paladins Beta Version 0.68.2559 (March 28, 2018)

  • Cards
  • Hideout
  • Increase the duration of Billow by {0.5|0.5}s ➡ {0.4|0.4}s.
  • Footwork
  • Increase your Movement Speed by {10|10}% during Counter.
  • NEW EFFECT: Activating Counter increases your Movement Speed by {10|10}% for 3s.

Paladins Beta Version 0.67.2519 (March 7, 2018)

  • Cards
  • Dragon Oil
  • Lowered ammo increase from 2 per level to 1.
  • Embers
  • No longer generates ammo over time.
  • Activating Billow generates {scale=1|1} Ammo.
  • Kindling
  • No longer generates ammo over time.
  • Activating Whirl generates {scale=1|1} Ammo.
  • Viciousness
  • Lowered ammo restored from 2 per level to 1.

Paladins Beta Version 0.66.2496 (February 21, 2018)

  • Reworded the description of Spite to make it more clear.

Paladins Beta Version 0.64.2312 (December 18, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Counter attack damage reduced from 700 to 560.
  • Duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s
  • Ability Billow.png Billow
  • Duration reduced from 2.5s to 2s.
  • Cards
  • Blade Dance
  • [Whirl] Increase the distance of Whirl by {5|5}%.
  • Maximum rank distance reduced from 60% to 50%.
  • Embers
  • Reworked.
  • [Billow] Activating Billow generates 1 Ammo every .5s for {.5|.5}s.
  • Fan the Flames
  • [Billow] Kills reduce the cooldown of Billow by {10|10}%.
  • Rescaled so that maximum rank Cooldown Reduction is still 100%.
  • Kindling
  • [Whirl] Activating Whirl generates 1 Ammo every .5s for {.5|.5}s.
  • Perfect Block
  • [Counter] Successfully Countering an attack will Heal you for {25|25} health.
  • Maximum rank Healing reduced from 400 to 200.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Smolder
  • [Billow] Heal for {36|2}% of your maximum Health over the duration of Billow.
  • Healing reduced by 33%.
  • Yomi
  • New.
  • [Weapon] Your heavy hit passes through enemies, deals {127.5|7.5} more damage, and has no range limit.

Paladins Beta Version 0.62.2219.2 (November 2, 2017)

  • WeaponAttack Zhin Icon.png Inferno Blade
  • Projectile Speed increased from 240 to 300 for the first two hits.
  • Ability Billow.png Billow
  • Cooldown Increased from 12s to 15s.
  • Legendary Cards
  • Guillotine
  • Now grants Damage Immunity during Spite.

Paladins Beta Version 0.61.2189 (October 18, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Improved the visual feedback of when this ability is used.

Paladins Beta Version 0.59.2111.2 (September 20, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Fixed a bug where Zhin would not enter combat if he absorbed a hit with Counter but did not hit an opponent.

Paladins Beta Version 0.58.2083 (September 7, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Fixed a bug that caused a longer than intended lockout after countering an attack.

Paladins Beta Version 0.55.1992.3 (July 26, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Damage over Time damage ticks can no longer be Countered.

Paladins Beta Version 0.54.1958.1 (July 12, 2017)

  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Fixed being able to counter Drogoz's Combustible damage over time.

Paladins Beta Version 0.53.1938 (June 28, 2017)

  • WeaponAttack Zhin Icon.png Inferno Blade
  • Fixed his inhand projectiles not simulating properly on other clients.
  • Ability Counter.png Counter
  • Now blocks projectiles while swinging the counter attack even when not equipped with the Retaliation legendary.
  • Ability Billow.png Billow
  • Reduced the Pre hit of Billow from 0.2s to 0s.
  • You may now jump while in Billow.

Paladins Beta Version 0.52.1903 (June 14, 2017)

  • Zhin has been added to the game.

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